Small and mid-size businesses, while unique unto themselves, share similar obstacles to revenue growth, irrespective of industry or business model. If you are the CEO or on the board of a B2B company and find yourself nodding “yes” to any of these questions, call us, we can help.

  • Is your company “stuck” – growth is flat or faltering – and you can’t see a way off this plateau?
  • Are you in growth mode but can see that “crash and burn” is a likely scenario without creating new structures and processes for your organization?
  • Is working in your business, instead of on it, capping growth?
  • Do you need to remediate your revenue engine but don’t know where to begin?
  • Does your sales team lack clarity around ideal target markets and how to articulate your value proposition?
  • Are your marketing messages muddy?
  • Is your organization at risk with the “wrong person in the wrong seat?”
  • Are you having trouble developing a quality prospect pipeline and converting them to customers?
  • Are your sales processes random and lacking scalability?
  • Are you struggling with hiring high quality sales talent?
  • Is a lack of metrics and accountability making it difficult to measure and manage the team?
  • Is forecasting a guessing game?
  • Do sales team members have different management needs but you’re unsure how to provide individualized support?
  • Do you look up at the end of the year and realize nothing much has changed?

Growth begins with getting clear about goals, then creating a strategy and structure to achieve them. Too often the CEO is wearing too many hats, making the goal of “working on it not in it” a fantasy.  Responsibility for driving revenue is fractured, no sales processes exist, no performance metrics are in place, and business development skills are lacking. Just as often, the processes and systems in place make it impossible to scale, and boxes are on the org chart are filled with the wrong names.

Few small business CEO’s have expertise in sales and sales management, so it’s no wonder managing a high performing revenue engine is a challenge. We’ll help you get clarity around the root of these problems, identify solutions, and create practical action plans designed for immediate impact.

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