Our mission is to help business owners accelerate the top line more deliberately, efficiently and sustainably. How we get there is specific to the needs of each client, as unique as your company and the challenges you face. Common to all our clients is the CEO’s desire to grow a highly functional and sustainable company, along with the resolve to do what it takes to get there.

Jackson Solutions draws on 25 years of experience building B2B businesses to create actionable, implementable and immediate strategies and tactics for growth – guaranteed.  Our solutions are battle proven, not theoretical, and customized to the specific challenges a business faces.  Among our services offered:

Sales Engine Assessments

When a company’s top line stops growing, grumbling begins throughout the organization, “we have a sales problem.” At the most basic level, that’s true. Sales aren’t growing. But why sales aren’t growing isn’t always easy to spot from the inside.

A company’s sales engine is made up of many components, including value proposition, go to market plan, marketing, channels, direct sales force, process, and tools. Using our Sales Engine Assessment Methodology, we quickly evaluate these components and get to the heart of why sales have flat-lined. Once identified, we’ll help you create a plan to resolve the real problems, not just the symptoms.

Sales Strategy / Sales Process Consulting

Most businesses do not bring discipline to sales strategy and process, often because the owner has no structured sales background, or because no one besides the principal(s) is accountable for revenue generation.  This service is for the CEO who understands that a random approach to sales is insufficient to scale the business.

We’ll work with you to create a sales strategy that targets the prospects you most want to turn into customers through a process that is defined, measurable and monitored.  We’ll define roles and responsibilities, sales life-cycle activities, and customer acquisition strategies, as well as identify the key metrics necessary to measure productivity.

If a sales team is not in place, we’ll help you to create the job description and profile of the candidate right for your organization so you can hire smart. By using a process based sales approach, you will have the discipline, habits, and measures that allow you to create the robust sales pipeline necessary to expand and scale your business.

Business Strategy, Planning and Tactics

You’ve been running a business successfully, but perhaps growing it has been another story. Some of this sounds familiar: You’re wearing too many hats, are working in it not on it, and heaven knows a vacation is nearly impossible. You lack key skill sets within the organization, but haven’t articulated what they are or how to acquire them. Your value proposition lacks clarity and your marketing sounds like blah-blah-blah. You’re don’t capture, or perhaps don’t understand, key data about your business. Your employees have lost the spark they had when you hired them.

Time to make these conditions a thing of the past. We’ll provide you the insights and tools to make growth possible, customer acquisition repeatable, and service delivery routine. We’ll help you create an environment where employees are engaged, recruitment and hiring is no longer a nightmare, and the future looks full of possibilities instead of dread. Like the Strategy Intensive, we dig into the key areas of the business where the problems lurk. However, this is on-going, in the trenches, act on and resolve kind of work. We won’t do it for you, but we’ll be at your side to develop practical, achievable, real world strategies, plans and tactics for growth.

Sales Person & Sales Manager Hiring Assessments

It’s hard to hire sales people and sales managers when one doesn’t have a sales background themselves.  As a client succinctly said, “I don’t know the questions to ask and I don’t know how to evaluate the candidate’s responses.  I like everyone…after all, they are salespeople!”  So they hire the salesperson they “liked” the most, and too many months later, with a negative ROI, the CEO determines the experience was a failure.  Surely there were many contributing factors, but very often the failure began at the point of hire. Let us help you get it right this time.

We’ve hired hundreds of people over the past 25 years.  We know the questions to ask and the techniques to identify the right hire.  We’ll work with you to create the job description, a profile of the candidate right for your organization including required and desired attributes, and participate in the interview process to help you select the right person for your team.

The outcome is significantly improved hiring decisions for this strategically important role, the one that most directly impacts revenue generation.  Having followed a hiring methodology with a high success rate, you’ll have a salesperson on-boarded quickly, ready to jump in and grow your business.  Best part? You get to go back to the role of CEO working on your business not in it.

Investor Support

Private Equity investors often find it difficult to diagnose why a portfolio company is struggling with sales. If the CEO of the operating company is unclear as to the root causes, it’s often difficult for the investor to diagnose, either due to lack of time to dig into the company’s operations, or lack of expertise in sales and marketing. We provide the solution.

Working closely with the CEO and their team, we utilize our Sales Engine Assessment Methodology to quickly get to the heart of why sales aren’t growing and create a recommendation for how to resolve.  Depending on what is diagnosed, we can facilitate those recommendations, or, provide referrals to experts in those disciplines. We pride ourselves as creating a bridge between the CEO and his investors that leads to healthy dialogue and collaborative action.

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