Sales and Growth Advisors

We’re sales and growth advisors to small and mid-size B2B services, tech and manufacturing companies with the mission to help business owners drive the top line more deliberately, efficiently and sustainably.  To achieve those goals, we identify and remove the obstacles to revenue growth and develop immediate, practical, actionable strategies for accelerating the top line.

Our clients are CEO’s and equity partners of businesses at a crucial turning point. Whether their firm is an established company whose growth curve has flattened or faltering, or a younger business that sees the warning signs of rapid growth without structure, or a going concern inexperienced at creating a sales engine, all understand that the ability to forecast and sustain revenue growth is integral to their success.

With a fresh, outsider’s look that leverages 25 years of growing and selling businesses, we look at your revenue growth engine and identify the people, processes and systems necessary for the quickest impact on the top line. We utilize a roll-up-your sleeves, side-by-side with management approach that focuses on delivering short, impactful projects. No consultant-speak here; just realistic, tangible solutions.

Very simply, growth comes from clearly defined goals, a sound strategy, and a structure to support the vision. A powerful revenue engine requires an articulated value proposition, capable team, smart go-to-market strategy, healthy pipeline, the ability to convert prospects into clients, secure repeat business and create a referral engine. The result is a thriving business that attracts customers and employees both.  What’s standing in your way?

About Karen Jackson

Karen is the founder and president of Jackson Solutions, sales and growth advisors for small and mid-cap companies. Karen has more than 25 years of experience growing businesses, and the unique perspective of working in all sizes of companies, including start-ups, mid-size firms and billion dollar revenue, publicly traded companies.  As a senior executive and as a business owner, she has consistently created high growth companies recognized on both the Inc. 500 and Inc. 5000 lists, as well as named a “Top 25 Women Owned Businesses in CT” and “Top 500 Women Owned Business in the US” by Diversity.com.  (See Karen’s Bio)

Karen has “carried a bag,” managed sales teams, owned regional P & L responsibility, and started and successfully sold her own business.  Throughout those years she has always focused on top line growth, understanding that without a strong plan and processes for revenue generation there will be no business to manage.  She is expert at developing and managing thriving sales teams and service delivery systems that result in delighted customers who will buy from her companies over and over again.

After selling her information technology consulting firm, Celerity Technology Services, Karen decided to leverage her passion for building businesses into a consulting practice that helps CEO’s uncover and remove their obstacles to growth.  Having been in the key seats of business owner, sales manager and sales person, and having learned from 25 years of successes and, yes, even failures, she can provide objective insights that make it possible for business owners to drive revenue.

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